Top 5 Paraphrasing Strategies

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Paraphrasing paragraph is the process in which you have to showcase the other writer’s ideas but using your own words. It is not enough that you simply change words but you have to completely create an entirely new content free from any form of plagiarism. One of the best paraphrasing strategies would be to start early; this will provide you ample time to make sure that all aspects of your paraphrased content will be top notch. Other essential paraphrasing strategies would be to proofread your paper and avail expert help if you think you are not capable to finishing the task on time.

Paraphrasing Strategy to Enhance the Excellence of Your Papers

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5 paraphrasing strategies you should keep in mind in order to get a good text:

  • Read. You need to read the text you want to paraphrase thoroughly. It’s necessary to understand it properly.
  • Set a purpose. You need to understand what will you do with the information you read. And also, how will you present this information with your own words. It’s necessary to know the purpose of your paraphrasing.
  • Put away the text. You need to concentrate not on the words you’ve read but on your own words. You have to present the information in your own way.
  • Write a text. Now you need to gather your thoughts and write the text that will differ from the one you’ve read. But remember that the main idea should remain.
  • Review the text and cite. Check out what you’ve written. It’s better to make it twice. Compare it with the original text and cite the source.

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