FAQs about Auto Tool

Q: What is paraphrasing?
A: Paraphrasing is when you take a piece of content and rewrite it using different words and/or structure while maintaining the same meaning or intention of the author in the original passage. Sometimes, to do it, people could use an automatic tool.
Q: Is paraphrasing difficult?
A: Paraphrasing is quite a difficult task for a number of reasons, that is why many people or students are looking for some paraphrasing tools. The primary reason is that most people struggle enough to write something the first time but to take something and then have to find a way to communicate the exact same thing while using completely different words is often very challenging for people. You need to have a decent amount of writing skill, and even if you do it also takes a decent amount of time to do properly, especially if you want to be careful not to lose any of them.
Q: When will I need to paraphrase?
A: There are numerous occasions that you might need to paraphrase. Maybe you have a piece of content from another source that you would like to use without having to worry about plagiarism, or you want to reuse a piece of content that you’ve already written, any time you have something that needs to be changed to be used then paraphrasing may be the answer.
Q: Can I get help with paraphrasing?
A: Yes, that’s exactly what our professional service is here for! We have built an effective team of well-trained and highly experienced experts who can take on any rewording challenge you will request.
Q: Why should I go with your service?
A: Our experts have years of successful rewriting experience: they can deal with any type of content on any subject and deliver glowing results right on time or even ahead of the specified deadline. Besides, we charge fair prices, offer amazing discounts, provide with 100% original results that can pass any plagiarism detection checkers.
Q: How does your service work?
A: You just need to follow a few simple steps: place your order on our website, pay a very affordable fee, monitor the progress of your order in Members Area where you can also keep in touch with your rewriter and ask for as many revisions of your paper as you wish! The final perfect and plagiarism-free paper is guaranteed!
Q: Where do you provide your services? 
A: We try to cover the needs of people from different countries so have several offices all over the world with billing and call center headquartered in the USA.

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