Effective Paragraph Rewording Tricks

Paragraph Reword

How do you reword a paragraph? When rewording, your main task is to come up with a new version of the text. The first task you have is to make sure that what you’re saying in the new sentence or paragraph possesses the same meaning of what the original version has stated. Writers, students and professionals, however, have to keep certain things in mind when rewriting. For your guidance, check out the following tips to use when accomplishing the task as well as some tools, which can help you make it easier later.

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How to Reword My Paragraph

Before you could start with the task, make sure that you are free from distraction. By saying that means, you may want to close internet browsers and keep your phone away, but concentrate. You need it so that you can read the paragraph with full concentration, which is going to help you in rewording the paragraph effectively. If you do, you will find it easier and faster to finish your task on hand. Additionally, keep a pen and paper in handy so that you can take down notes on the most important words, clue words or details that you also have to use in the new version. Alternatively, you can use the word pad of your computer, if you’re using a source from the internet. While reading, make sure that you understand the text, as this will help you in simplifying the process.

You can now start writing your first draft once you have finished reading. Write based on your understanding of the story, article or blog, among others. Keep the source out of sight so that you can focus on writing and that you don’t waste time going back again to the source to rewrite. You can check and go back to it later when you’re done rewording. The main essence of rewriting is to write a new version based on your comprehension, which is why this is a common task given by teachers or professors to their students.

After writing, you can check for details now. See to it that you have mentioned or stated the most significant details that the readers should know, just as if they read the source.

When using direct statements or quotations, see to it that you use signal words, including according to. If you have missed some details in the rewrite, include it, and then remove those irrelevant sentences, which you think just cloud up the new version. What is important here is to write as simple as possible and using the most basic and understandable manner for the thorough understanding of your readers.

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Finally, apply final touches and make sure that every sentence is relevant to put up the main idea and supporting ideas found in the paragraph.

Sample Tools for a Reword a Paragraph Generator

  1. Go Paraphrase
  2. Text Compactor
  3. You Paraphrase
  4. Small SEO Tools’ Article Rewriter
  5. EZ Rewrite

There you have some tips to know when to reword manually and to reword a paragraph online. Remember these pointers and accomplish your task with great results! Doing it is easier with our paraphrase generator!

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