Dissertation Paraphrasing: 5 Deadly Sins and the Ways to Avoid Them

Writing a dissertation is the most difficult and singularly most important task you’ll be set in your time at college. Given the complex nature of such an endeavor, it’s all too easy to find that you’ve accidentally copied a little too directly from your source material. As such practice is an absolute no-no when it comes to writing your dissertation paraphrasing tools are sure to be invaluable to you. Whether you want to use an unplagiarized generator or you need to swap a few sentences around to freshen up your paragraphs, rephrasing is exactly what you need to do.

When it comes to re-wording your dissertation, there are plenty of cardinal rules you ought to follow in order not to fall foul of your college’s strict plagiarism rules. If you’re finding it difficult to work out exactly how to rephrase your work, you’ll be happy to discover that it’s actually far easier and more fruitful to simply learn the 5 deadly sins of paraphrasing and exactly how to avoid them. Read through each of these mistakes and remember how to avoid them when you’re writing your dissertation.

What Are the Most Legitimate Ways to Rephrase My Dissertation?

Rather than placing a request for any old online rewriting service to “rephrase my dissertation”, you should think about the proper way of ensuring information originality for yourself. When you have the right college writing guidance to hand, it’s rather simple and straightforward to rewrite your own work. Consider the help in paraphrasing techniques below and you can be sure that your dissertation will be awarded the high marks it deserves.

  • When you absolutely have to include someone else’s content as part of your writing, it’s vitally important that you quote the parts that belong to them. Doing this properly is the key to avoiding a plagiarism charge that could really disrupt your career.
  • Learning how to cite your sources properly is extremely valuable as you can give credit to the original writer and legitimately refer to their work openly in order to further your own arguments and other written content.
  • Paraphrasing is a unique skill that is separate from the other methods of including other people’s work within your own. Knowing how to change word order, use synonyms and all the other tricks associated with paraphrasing is the best way of adding extra material to your text that didn’t originally come from your own head.

Avoid the 5 Deadly Sins of Paraphrasing

When you’re looking for expert help in paraphrasing, you’ll quickly see that professional editors always avoid making the mistakes that you and many other students are perhaps prone to making. When considering the option of professional paraphrasing online, you’ll learn by example that there are 5 cardinal sins when it comes to re-phrasing and restructuring academic work. Take a look at the errors below and see why these mistakes are so incredibly fatal.

  • Looking at your source material while you’re writing. If you keep referring directly to your sources, you’ll end up copying them practically word for word. This is the worst possible mistake you could make, and doing so will certainly result in your being called out for plagiarism. Avoid doing this at all costs.
  • Keeping the same sentence structure. One of the easiest ways to switch up your content is to change the position of certain words. Analyze the meaning of each sentence and try to reverse the subject and object in order to give a new angle to the whole article. Retaining the same approach as the original text is a pretty straightforward way to get yourself flagged for potential plagiarism.
  • Using a poor choice of synonyms. Not all synonym input is actually equivalent and you can end up using words that have a similar meaning but quite a different effect when used as part of a whole sentence in conjunction with all the other words you’ve changed. Consider consulting a thesaurus and dictionary together when you choose new words.
  • Quoting from poor sources. If you really have to quote the work of someone else while paraphrasing and altering your text, you should only choose the most reputable authors and writers. This is because your readers will actually expect you to refer to expert opinion as you elaborate upon your own theories and ideas. Quoting from unknown sources won’t inspire anyone and doing so may result in a plagiarism charge anyway.
  • Failing to check your work against the original. Even if the source text is your own work and you’re really familiar with its content, you should examine both articles and make sure that the new version differs significantly enough from the original. If you don’t do this, you’ll have no idea how good your paraphrasing attempt actually is.
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Top Examples of Perfect Academic Writing

When you resort to choosing professional paraphrasing online, you’ll quickly see how great writing differs from merely good writing. Adhere to the basic tips below and you’ll be sure to never make any of the errors outlined in this article.

  • Make your own notes based on your source material and try to create your own content based on this rather than merely copying out whole sentences from the original version.
  • Analyze the actual meaning of individual sentences within paragraphs before you write new versions. In this way, you won’t have to rely on changing one word at a time.
  • Go back to basics and get your dictionary out. While using synonyms is a great idea, you can sometimes end up using words that don’t quite fit the purpose you intended. Make sure you know the exact definition of all the words you replace.
  • Learn how to quote other people’s words properly so that you give them adequate credit and eliminate your chances of getting caught out for plagiarism.

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When you’re writing your college dissertation paraphrasing is an essential skill that you must master if you’re to avoid the cardinal sin that is plagiarism. Anyone can accidentally adhere too closely to their source material and end up with big problems, so make sure you learn the 5 deadly sins of paraphrasing before you put pen to paper. When you know exactly what to avoid doing, the writing process will become effortless and your work will be completely error-free.

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